Flight Simulator 2004 not launching after an update

If as recommended we have Windows Update activated (in my case in Windows 7, but this problem is also known in Windows 8 and Windows 10) there will come a time when Flight Simulator 2004 simply will not launch. This is due to a Microsoft update to, as I understand, prevent piracy. It is ironic that Microsoft does not let launch a Microsoft software.

We can go to the Microsoft help page and follow the instructions to solve this problem, but it will not work, so what we have to do is uninstall the KB3086255 update and prevent it from being reinstalled.

Let’s go to the fix (I have the Operating System in another language so it is possible that the translation differs somewhat):

  1. Go to the Control Panel, System and Security, Windows Update and View Update History
  2. In the upper right, go to Installed Updates
  3. We make a search (top right) of the update that we want to uninstall, in our case the KB3086255
  4. When the result comes out, right-click and uninstall, we confirm and wait for the uninstallation.
  5. We DO NOT RESTART and go back to the Control Panel, System and Security and Windows Update. In the left panel look for updates and we will see X Important updates are available and optional Y updates are available. We go into the important updates and there we have the KB3086255 again. Uncheck the update and then press the right mouse button on the update and then we will see Copy details and Disable update, we need check this last, close all windows and restart.

I hope that if someone more have this problem, this can help. There are many people who continue flying Flight Simulator 2004, and with the proper configuration still has much life ahead.