Make Flight Simulator a little more realistic

Sometimes there are little things that we do not give much value, but are important, such as those annoying red notices when we have a Stall, Overspeed, etc …

When we hear the Stall or Overspeed warnings instinctively we look to the lower margins of the screen to see what is happening but it is more realistic if we look at the instruments to know the reason of this warning, so today we will configure the CFG to delete these notices. There are two options, TRUE (enabled) and FALSE (disabled), and this configuration is valid for both FS2004 and for FSX.

Remember that the CFG file is a hidden file and to edit it we need to activate Display Units, hidden files and folders in the Control Panel as follows: Presentation and personalization, Folder Options, View (in Windows Vista / 7) and then look for the CFG in User name / AppData / Roaming / Microsoft / FSX or FS9.

Before manipulating the CFG file don’t forget make backup!!!

  • InfoBrakesEnable – Brakes information notice
  • InfoParkingBrakesEnable – Parking Brakes information notice
  • InfoPauseEnable – Pause information notice
  • InfoSlewEnable – Slew information notice
  • InfoStallEnable – Stall information notice
  • InfoOverspeedEnable – Overspeed information notice