Double TPM programmable switches

All credits for Tom Tsui

Saitek TPM

Saitek TPM

Saitek’s TPM Control Unit comes with 9 programmable toggle switches. However, FSX’s SETTINGS only recognizes their downward actions during BUTTONS/KEYS assignments. In other words, only 50% of TPM’s programmability are used.

To fully utilize the TPM:

  1. Open Standard.XML under C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls
    Double TPM programmable switches 02
  2. Look for keyword “TPM System” inside the fileDouble TPM programmable switches 04
  3. 0 to 8 represent the 9 toggle switches
  4. The key_command line represents the downward action of the toggle switch
  5. To add an upward action, insert an key_command line with specific command under each switch (see example below)Double TPM programmable switches 05
  6. When done, these new switches are now shown in SETTINGS’s Buttons/Keys assignment pageDouble TPM programmable switches 06

NOTE: These upward switch commands are all having a prefix of “^” in front of the button names.


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